St. Anthony Gallery

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St. Anthony Catholic Church, Woodland TX

Sound System

1 BSS Soundweb 9088ii DSP

6 Meyer MID Line Array Powered Speaker

2 Meyer UMS-1P Ultra Compact Subwoofer

4 Meyer UPM-1P Ultra Compact Wide Coverage Loudspeaker

2 Meyer UPS 2P Speaker

2 Meyer MUB-1D U-Shaped Mounting Bracket

2 Meyer UPA-2P30 Steel Rigging Frame for UPS-2P Speakers

4 Meyer UPS-2P Rigging Frame

14 Proco NAC3FCA Neutrik Powercon Connector (Blue)

6 Proco NAC3FCB Neutrik Powercon Connector (Gray)

500 Meyer Sound Breakout Cable

2,000 West Penn 452 Mic Wire (Dark Brown Jacket)

125 West Penn 533 BK


Installation & Support

1 Narrow Electric Lift Two Week Rental

1 Fifty Foot Scaffold (Complete Build, Teardown, Reassembly, And Removal) Labor (Loudspeaker Installation, System Connections, And Existing System Removal)

8 Testing And Calibration

8 Training Session(s)

8 Documentation Generation