Old River Gallery

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Old River Baptist Church, Old River TX

Main Speaker System

4 JBL SP212-6 Two Way Full Range Speakers

2 JBL SP125S Trapezoidal Low Frequency Speakers

3 JBL MS28 Two Way Full Range Speakers (Near Fill)

5 JBL MS28 Two Way Full Range Speakers (Balcony)

5 JBL MS26 Two Way Full Range Speakers (Under Balcony)

1 Soundcraft Series II 40 Channel Front of House Mixer

1 Rane GE30 1/3rd Octave Equalizer

1 Rane GE60 Stereo 1/3rd Octave Equalizer

5 Crown CE1000 Amplifiers

2 Crown CE4000 Amplifiers


1 Shure LX14/84 VHF Wireless Lapel System

4 Shure LX Wireless Handheld Mics with

Shure Beta 87

4 Shure LX24 Wireless with Beta 58 Handheld

4 Shure Beta 58 Hardwired Microphones

4 Crown Cm700 Cardioid Condenser Microphones

5 Pro Co Direct Boxes

1 Denon DNT-620 CD/Cassette Combo Deck

1 Denon Mini Disk Recorder/Player

1 Denon DN-770R Cassette Deck

1 Barcus Berry Transducer Planar Wave Piano System

Monitor System

2 JBL MS112 12 Speakers with Horns

2 JBL MS28 Two Way Full Range Monitors (Flown)

1 Shure PSM 400 Wireless In Ear Monitors

5 Shure PSM Hardwired In Ear Monitors

1 Crown CE1000 Amplifier


Intercom System

1 Clear Com 2 Channel Main Station

6 Clear Com Single Channel Beltpacks

3 Clear Com CC95 Single Muff Headsets

4 Clear Com HS-6 Handsets

Foyer, Hallway and Choir Room

13 70 Volt Ceiling Speakers

1 Peavey 150 Watt Single Channel Amp

Choir Rehearsal Room

3 JBL MS112 12” Speakers with Horns

1 Yamaha EMX2000 12 Channel Mixer

5 Shure Beta 58 Supercardioid Dynamic Microphones

1 Denon DNT-620 CD/Cassette Player

1 Denon Mini Disc Recorder/Player

Theatrical Lighting

8 Ellipsoidals

10 Narrow 1000 Watt Par 64 Fixtures

30 Medium 1000 Watt Par 64 Fixtures

1 NSI MC7524 Memory Console

4 Lightronics RE121D 12 Channel Dimmers

20 Miscellaneous Gel Sheets

Architectural Lighting

3 Lightronics 2400 Watt 12 Channel Dimmers

2 Lightronics Architectural Remote Station Controllers

1 NSI MC7016 Controller